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BML is the premier source of information and research on the book industry, undertaking a wide range of private and syndicated research projects, and publishing a variety of market reports

BML's continuous survey,
Books and Consumers provides detailed information on British book buying behaviour providing:

  • comprehensive profiles of the different types of consumers
  • a detailed understanding of the performance of publishers and retailers
  • comparisons between competitors
  • market segmentation by brand, price, retailer, genre and format
  • an accurate reflection of changes in the marketplace over time

BML was purchased by Bowker in 2010, but continues to offer a full qualitative and quantitative research service to the book trade, and other companies requiring information on the UK book industry. 

Bowker Releases Results of Global eBook Research

Australia, India, the U.K. and the U.S. lead the way in adoption; Brazil and India set for greatest growth

LONDON March 2012 - Australia, India, the U.K. and the U.S. are leading the world in ebook adoption rates, according to Bowker Market Research’s Global eBook Monitor (GeM), The study tracks consumer attitudes to and purchasing of ebooks in major world markets. Research for Bowker’s Global ebook Monitor was conducted among the online population in 10 countries – Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S. – in early 2012.  India, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. lead in adoption of ebooks, with more than 20 percent of respondents reporting purchasing ebooks in the six months prior to the survey. Respondents in France and Japan were the least likely to have purchased an ebook, at five percent and eight percent respectively.  While purchase behavior varies by country, awareness is relatively consistent: more than 80 percent of respondents in each country know it is possible to digitally download a book.

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British University Students Still Crave Print, Says New BML Study

LONDON March 2012 – While the majority of the U.K.’s undergraduate students are now using e-books, none are yet relying on them as a primary source of information. Print continues its hold as a key resource for at least two-thirds of students. That’s one of the key findings of a major new study that explores student information sources in the digital world from the book research experts at BML, a Bowker business. The study was conducted in December 2011 and shows significant change since 2003 when BML conducted similar research.

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New BML report: Reading the Future  

A joint report from BML and The Bookseller on book consumers, current & future

LONDON December 2011: The book market is changing rapidly – and book consumers are changing with it. But how much do we understand about these changes and how they will impact on our businesses? Backed up by data on the consumer book market from BML’s Books & Consumers, this new report provides nuanced information about book buyers, including where they browse for books - and where they buy; who is buying ebooks and where; what we could do to encourage book buying on the high street; who is buying digital material for children, and what is influencing this trend, and what book buyers think about piracy. 

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New BML report: Students' Information Sources in the Digital World 

In the UK the HE sector is undergoing a radical shift, with an increase in student numbers as well as major changes in funding models and the technological landscape.

To help shed light on these changes, in December 2011 BML is undertaking a major new study to examine student information sources in the digital world. The survey will establish current use of resources by students, investigate student’s attitudes to printed and digital material and how the use of one affects the other, and provide bench mark data from which to monitor changes over time.

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New BML report: The BML 2012 UK Travel Report

Travel publishing is at a crossroads.  With the physical guide book market in decline, travel publishers have been investing in developing ebook, apps and websites.  But what information sources are travellers turning too?  How do they find out about them, what use do they make of them, and how do they rate them?  And how do digital forms of information compare to physical guide books?

All these, and a myriad of other questions, will be answered by BML’S 2012 UK Travel Report, a new survey being undertaken by BML in January in partnership with travel guide expert Stephen Mesquita.   Crucially the report, based on data from a specially designed research project, will include not just those buying and using guide books, but travellers who don’t buy guide books – or who don’t buy books at all.  What sources are they using for their information?  And how might the travel guide publisher engage with them?

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